Restoring America’s Healthcare supply chain.

About America First Medical

America First Medical (AMF) is focused on solving the broken medical supply chain for American citizen and first responders.  AFM is lead by the national directive of establishing manufacturing and sourcing for “America First” Healthcare products. Our mission is to lead the way in restoring American jobs by producing and sourcing critical PPE right here in the USA primarily from and in support of Veteran owned companies.

AFM provides turn-key solutions for US retailers, civilians and the healthcare industry through efficient and reliable  manufacturing, sourcing and distribution of quality medical supply products. 

AFM believes American manufacturing is a matter of national security and will allow us to protect our citizens while creating American jobs to support the economy.


Make American Manufacturing Great Again

Our Mission

Revive American Manufacturing

Our mission is to lead the way in restoring American jobs. We produce and source critical PPE in the USA from Veteran owned companies.

Our Founder

“I founded America First Medical as a tribute to my Grandfather who started a medical supply company dating back to 1940’s after immigrating to the United States. I saw firsthand the impact of foreign supply and believe now more than ever it is critical to re-establish America based manufacturing and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment. Our company has an “America First” approach: American-made products, sourced primarily from veteran-owned and 100% American-made companies.”

Senior Airman, Brian Kolfage

Our Solutions

From manufacturing to distribution, we’ve got turnkey solutions to keep you protected.

US Manufacturing

AFM sources FDA approved PPE from experienced manufacturing partners across the US.

Competitive Pricing

AFM sources high quality PPE for our clients. We negotiate the best price and source for you, quickly.


We accelerate our products onto retailer shelves and into customers hands across the US and globally.


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